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XFORCE® TQ's  ratcheting system makes it easy to increase pressure in order to stop blood flow to an injured extremity. The locking system on XFORCE  allows medical professionals to decrease pressure in small incraments when converting to a pressure dressing is needed. 




  • Two independently working release levers for tourniquet conversions when down grading to a pressure dressing.


  • Triple locking teeth built into the tension straps automatic locking system. The locking systems in the head of the tension strap can also be released under pressure separate from the ratcheting systems dual release levers.


  • Tension strap pull hole that allows the user to tighten the strap when first being applied to a limb before using the mechanical advantage.


  • Thermal plastic composite which helps make XFORCE TQ one of the most durable tourniquets on the market. Its solvent resistant material allows the XFORCE tourniquet to be unaffected by most harsh chemicals that it might encounter.


  • Compact design makes it possible to carry XFORCE without being as bulky as leading brands while technically having the same product dimensions as other military used tourniquets.


  • XFORCES measurements are 34" inches long by 1.5" inches across the head and base plate with a 1" inch tension strap.


  • Beefed up finger grip on the inside of the tension lever for when slippery liquids get on the tourniquet.


  • Safety cover position for strap helps protect the straps locking mechanism and release lever from being accidently bumped into.


  • Anti-overtightening feature that gives out some tourniquet pressure before automatically readjusting into pressure ranges that are more safe to avoid muscle and tissue damage.


  • Timer wheel which can be turned to the hour that tourniquet was applied or you can write it down on the inside of the tourniquet strap.


  • Instructions printed onto the tourniquet with a QR code that will automatically bring you to the instructions video once the QR code is scanned with a camera phone.

X-Force Tourniquet

SKU: 000236

    Developed and manufactured in the USA.


    The X-Force tourniquet is 100% latex free.

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