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The Emergency Bleed Control Public Access Kit is a compact versatile station that provides access to civilian and emergency responders the products needed to help stop major life threatening bleeding.


Two Individually packaged Bleed control Kits

  • Contents:
    • 2 Tourniquets       
    • 2 Compressed Gauze         
    • 2 Emergency Bandages         
    • 2 Emergency Blanket         
    • 2 Pair Nitrile Gloves         
    • 2 Shears     
  • 1 Wall Mount Enclosure


Public Bleed Station

  • Wall Mount

    Each stations comes with wall mounting brackets for easy installation

  • High Visibility

    Each station was designed with refelctive decals so it can be visible even in low light conditions

  • Smart Label

    Each station is labeled with a QR code and model where you can access information on the product and intructions on how to use it. The QR code also navigates you where you can register your station.

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